Today, we live in a world where love, intimacy and affection are often viewed as the definition of happiness. Parents who break up with a bad marriage to protect their children aren’t aware of all information or are mistaken by their conviction that divorce is best in the interest of their children. The most reliable advice available states that children who divorce are more affected than children of marriages that are unhappy.

The impact of both parents, male and female, on the development of a child cannot be overstated. A mother who is in balance, provides a nurturing as well as a comforting and protective aspect to a child’s existence while a father who is a good one gives his child stability as well as security and strength. Mothers are generally more patient, and fathers more determined. A mother who is a good one can provide her child with the support of a friend while a father who is a good role model may instruct his child on how to get up and get forward.

Naturally, a great parent has all of these characteristics and is accountable for making sure that their child is provided with all the needs. However, it is the nature of parents of males to give a child directions, solutions and advice but it is more innate in female parents to safeguard the child’s mental health and be a good listener, without the need to offer the child an answer to the issue.

A male and female child at home can teach the child to explore and develop both feminine and masculine aspects of their personality. When you have a balanced adult, there is a balance of both female and male traits. For women the balance tends toward being feminine while males more masculine. If a child wishes to be the most likely to build emotional stability, then two parents are essential every day. Any slight shift in the balance could negatively impact the child’s mental and emotional development.

The choice of marriage is one that two individuals decide for themselves. It’s rarely an altruistic or selfless act. People get married because they meet people who bring them happiness and satisfaction in their lives. Of course, there’s the vow to do everything in your power in a way that makes the other happy. While that phrase “for better or for worse” is still a common phrase in marriage vows increasingly, this promise is broken when married couples discover that it a commitment they are incapable or unwilling to honor.

But, if children are born into the union the rights of the child surpass the requirements of parents. While a couple might want to have a fulfilling relationships with one another The child also is entitled to being raised by two loving, compassionate and selfless parents. Parents who place their children’s needs above their own.

Parents seldom take a vow to their children at the time they’re born, however, children must be assured that their parents will do what they can to provide them with a safe, loving and secure home where they can grow and grow. If a parent is a good one the rights and requirements of their child will always be prior to their own, regardless of the cost.


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