Do you often think of your family’s life as an adventure or a pleasurable event? When you are with your family are having a wonderful time You might be able to be tempted to believe this. But, a lot of you may be laughing out loud right at the moment. What’s fun about watching kids fighting the tenth time this afternoon? At times, I’m betting your family’s lives are like a wild place with screaming and swaying monkeys. It’s easy to get caught up trying to control what’s happening at home instead of enjoying the moment. God gave us beautiful children, and we are at the forefront of this love and affection when the home is quiet and they are asleep. So how do we be connected to that joy and love amid the family?

Spending time with your children requires full and complete focus. Moms often are too busy trying to keep everything under control that we are only listening to our children and an minds are occupied with a myriad of other things. Our children speak to us, and we respond with “uh huh” without really listening to them. We accompany them to classes, games and so on. If you want to be enthralled at the sight of your child, you have to be completely engaged with them. You must listen to them and marvel at how amazing they are. Engage in activities that they enjoy. Enjoy their laughter and distinctive personality. In a short time, your children have grown up and have left the home.

Everyone hates being in the presence of a disruptive child. Children who aren’t taught discipline can make motherhood not the most enjoyable. Mothers’ job is to help our children become productive, respectful and caring adults. To do this, we have to educate our children about boundaries. It is important to establish limits and not create an environment that is child-centric. Children should understand that they are part of the family and that each person has their own unique needs. Let them collaborate with family members to create a calm and happy environment. A well-organized and disciplined family unit can be an unforgettable experience.

What can help make your motherhood more pleasurable? Spend some time reflecting on what you can do to make changes within your family in order to increase your enjoyment levels for you. Maybe you’d like to make time to care for yourself as mother. Perhaps you’d like for a consistent mother. This month, I am focused on encouraging independence within my family. My goal is that everyone accomplish what they are able to do independently. It not only teaches my children valuable life skills and teaches me to be more self-sufficient, but it also frees me from burdens and gives me more time in my home with my children. Set goals help you create your ideal life.

How do you wish to view your children and family living? Do you want to think of motherhood as a challenge or a joy? If you concentrate on the negative elements of the family you have, it is the kind of experience you’ll be creating. If, however, you focus on the positive aspects of your children as well as your own experience, you’ll create an enjoyable and fulfilling family life. When you are done with each day, make sure to write down in a notebook everything positive that your children have said or done during the day. Reminisce about the fun you had during that day. On the moments when you’re asking yourself why you even decided to be a parent, take off your diary and remind yourself of what is truly an amazing journey you’re embarking on.


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