The management of the schedules of families that live in the same house isn’t easy given the present demands on work and the social activities of parents, in addition to the activities and education for their children. It can be even more challenging for divorced parents or parents who have separated who might not be able to get along and may have difficulty communicating over even the simplest of issues. If the parents relocate to new families, each with their own schedules, stress and demands on their time and demands, a tense time management issue can arise. We aren’t being able to employ an individual secretary to manage our time. What can we do?

The most efficient method is to record parenting time in calendars shared by parents. I suggest taking a day per year to create an agenda of time spent with the children for the coming year. Once the calendar is created, it is then handed an alternate parent to review and, if any errors are rectified, it may be blessed and shared according to the general agreement-on timetable. It can also be shared with other interested parties , such as grandparents or children themselves.

One could say parents’ time with their children is fluid and flexible and it is not necessary for a strict accounting of their time. It is true that co-parenting among non-cohabiting parents can be successful if each parent is willing to the needs or schedules of the parent who is not cohabiting. The existence of an established calendar doesn’t mean it can’t be altered depending on the needs. But even when parents are flexible, all parents should try to plan their lives in accordance with their schedule for parenting and only swap dates when required and in a manner that is not likely to impact the schedule of the other parent.

There are many benefits of having a regular parenting schedule and capturing this plan on an organized calendar. One of the main benefits is that it allows the long-term planning of your time with your children away and perhaps even with a new partner. It’s great to plan months ahead and schedule time for yourself.

Another benefit of creating calendars is that it requires you to understand the court-ordered parenting plan ahead of time before the dates for parenting are scheduled. Like any written document, there are a number of different interpretations. It is recommended to create the plan in advance and work out any differences. This will help avoid unexpected events and tensions that can occur when children are dropped off or picked up off.

The creation of a calendar for the whole year is a significant amount of effort. You’ll need the divorce decree. There are likely to be school calendars, a list of holidays, and any other information is needed for the creation of the calendar. Plans for parenting typically outline the time for parenting in a priority-based manner. For example , the holiday time for parenting typically takes precedence over normal weekend and weekday parenting time. The time spent on vacation also typically overrides the normal weekday and weekend parenting time.


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