Although you might be thrilled that your child has arrived, you’ll soon realize that life with baby isn’t a all roses. You’ll be exhausted and there are feedings to prepare, bottles that need to sterilize and many other things to do. The baby is hungry even though it seems like an instant since they had finished their first bottle.

It is normal to get exhausted and that is typical for new mothers. you will have to adjust to feeding your baby at the middle of the night. Be sure to stay in contact with those you meet online at baby groups, as during the initial months as a newly mother can be extremely exhausting and it’s normal to doubt every aspect and shed some tears. It is important to remember that for the last nine months or so, your body, hormones, and emotions have supported the new life within you.

When your baby is born, your hormones interpret it as a shock for the system and go into overdrive. It’s perfectly normal for mothers to break into tears without reason in the initial days and weeks after the birth. It can be a very difficult moment when your child is still very young but you must be able to feel secure knowing that the thing you’re experiencing is normal. New mothers are all at times blue after the birth. It will fade over time.

If you choose to choose to breastfeed the baby or feed it through a bottle is dependent on your personal preference. It is true that bottle-fed babies benefit from greater immunity to some small health issues that could be a problem for a newborn however, you should choose what you are at ease with. If you are pressured to breastfeed, either you or your child will be happy with the process. If you decide to breastfeed, then you won’t be tasked to prepare your feeds at the end in the evening, but you could see your figure return sooner. If you’re bottle feeding, it’s a great idea to prepare all the feeds at once and then store your food items in the fridge. and then warm up a bottle whenever it’s needed.

Some parents prefer to put the baby in an area that is separate from the rest of the room immediately however it’s better for the baby and you sharing a room at least during the initial few months. One thing you have to remember is to take a break during the days when your baby sleeps. New mothers are often tired , and it’s logical to sleep as often as you are able to. You’ll have been provided with a the list of exercises from your midwife, and you must do them whenever you are able. These exercises are intended to help you return to your usual shape in techniques that were tested and tried through generations of motherhood. If you require any assistance, you are welcome to join the baby clubs to get advice and comfort.


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