Best Vegetable Chopper under 500 in India.


Best Vegetable Chopper under 500 in India:- Today every housewife needs a chopper as a chopper plays an important role in their daily work. With the help of chopper, the housewife can chop vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, spices etc. without any hard work. The best thing about the chopper is that it does not require any electricity. Now the biggest question remains that which company’s chopper will be the best one to buy. Hence for you are help we are providing a list of Best Vegetable copper under 500 in India.

First We Know What is the Benefit of Vegetable Chooper.

Vegetable Chopper has many benefits in our daily life, some of which are as follows:-

1- Many vegetables can be easily chopped with the help of chopper. In which onion, tomato is such a vegetable that is used to make every vegetable and without which your vegetable cannot taste. By chopping onions and tomatoes through a chopper, you can use it in any vegetable and you do not even need electricity for this.

2- With the help of Vegetable chopper, you can easily chop fruits like mango, apple, papaya etc. Chopper will cut them into small pieces.

3- Dry fruits are used in making halwa and kheer, but you cannot use whole dry fruits, you will need to cut them into small pieces, which you can easily do with the help of a chopper and make delicious halwa and kheer.

4- We are able to make our vegetables tasty only by using spices, do you know that through chopper you can easily grind different types of spices at home and use them in cooking.

I hope you must have understood that how much a chopper can be used in daily work inside the kitchen and what are its benefits. So let’s now know the Best Vegetable Chopper under 500 in India.

List of Best Handy Vegetable Chopper under 500 in India

1- Pigeon Polypropylene Mini Handy and Compact Chopper with 3 Blades :

Best Vegetable Chopper under 500 in India
Source Amazon

This chopper has been launched in the market by Pigeon company and it is a very good chopper. This chopper is a non-breakable chopper as ABS plastic has been used to make it. The material used for making this chopper is Polypropylene. The Dimensions of this item is LxWxH 10.1 x 13.1 x 13.3 Centimeters.

Inside this chopper, three blades made of stainless steel have been used, which make cutting easier,

it can be easily opened and disassembled. You can clean it easily using mild warm water, detergent and a soft cloth.

This is desgin is Eco-friendly design it comes in light green Color, which is very beautiful color. You can Buy it from various online shop Like Amazon and Flipkart etc.

Warranty:- One Month warranty is proving by company on this chopper but on Manufacturing Defects Only. For warranty related issue the toll free number of this company is 1800 425 66 666

In my opinion this is one of the best chopper the price of this chopper on Amazon is Rs.249/- Two Hundred Forty Nine only.


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