Best Hair oil for Newborn Hair Growth


Since the skin of a newborn baby is very delicate, so before choosing any type of oil, shampoo etc. for the baby, you must know the benefits and harms of the product. Because only your right decision can save your children from any kind of harm. for Your Help To Choose Best Hair oil for your Newborn Hair Growth , after doing a lot of market research, we have selected some of the best oils for your child’s hair care, which will not harm your child’s hair in any way. 

Best Hair Oil for Newborn Hair Growth

Which is Better Organic/Natural Hair Oil or Others Oil.

Natural oil is a very good option for hair protection and if you are choosing an oil for your newborn baby, then there can be no better oil than natural oil.

Because natural products do not harm your newborn in any way, that is because no harmful chemicals are used in making them.

Therefore, through this post today, we are providing you information about the best natural oil which will be very beneficial for your newborn baby.

Himalaya Baby Hair Oil.

For making this oil by Himalaya Company, only natural ingredients like coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, olive oil, fenugreek, amla, bhringraj have been used. Which has many benefits. Himalaya has more than 90 years of experience in this field, so I can confidently say that no other company can have this much experience in the field of Ayurveda.

What is benefit of Each ingredients used in Himalaya Baby Hair Oil.

Cocunut Oil:– Coconut oil is very beneficial for hair as it works to regrow damaged and broken hair, make hair healthy and grow them and moisturize the hair.

Sesame Oil:- Sesame oil strengthens the hair, due to which the hair breaks less and becomes thick and beautiful.

Amla Oil:- Using Amla oil on the hair, hair growth starts very fast, due to which the hair becomes thick, as well as Amla oil also works to strengthen the hair.

Almond Oil:- Using almond oil on the hair nourishes the hair and makes the hair soft and shiny.

Olive oil:-  Using olive oil does not dry out the skin of the scalp and increases hair growth.

Fenugreek :– Using fenugreek oil on the hair stops hair fall because fenugreek oil strengthens and moisturizes the hair

Bhringraj:- Bhringraj is one of the best medicine in Ayurveda because the use of Bhringraj darken the hair, Strengthen the hair and bring rapid growth in the hair.

Friends, now you must have understood that why Himalaya Baby Hair Oil is necessary for your child’s hair and why we should use organic oil only for our child. If you do it for your newborn baby, then he will not have to bear any kind of Harm.


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