How to Choose Best Shampoo For New Born


Now a days there are lots of shampoo available in the market but we should keep the following things in mind before selecting any shampoo for our new born. So Today in this article i am going to share you all information that how to choose best shampoo for new born.

We Should Keep Following Things before purchase any shampoo for New born.

Fragrance- There are many types of scented shampoos available in the market whose fragrance makes you feel fresh but do you know that having too much fragrance can make your baby irritated and have adverse effect on his skin. Because many chemicals are used to bring fragrance in the shampoo which can be harmful for your baby.

That’s why we should choose such shampoos in which the fragrance has been produced by using natural things and not by using chemicals.

Harsh Chemical:- Secondly, we should keep in mind that chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates etc. have not been used in the shampoo because these chemicals can harm both your baby’s skin and eyes.

Nowadays there are many famous companies in the market which make shampoos using natural ingredients which will not harm your baby’s skin in any way. That is why we should choose products made from natural things for our child’s skin.

No Tear Formula:- You should choose shampoos for your baby that have no-tear formulas because even if some part of the shampoo gets into your baby’s eyes while shampooing, he will not have any kind of problem.


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